Inspection Equipment
Testing equipmentInspection Equipment

The company has established Shandong provincial enterprise technology center, which is specialized in the research and development of rubber dam, air shield dam, oil boom, oil skimmer and other technical products. It has more than 30 intermediate and senior professional and technical personnel, and employs professor of Shandong University of science and technology as the technical leader of the technology center, specializing in the research of rubber dam and oil spill environmental protection technology for more than 10 years.

The former Jiaonan Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute has a rubber inspection laboratory in our company. The laboratory has a variety of testing equipment and instruments, including computer-controlled tensile testing machine, aging oven, abrasion testing machine, automatic control curing instrument, slicer and other experimental monitoring devices. A complete range of professional equipment and instruments provide a good testing space for product development, small sample production and mass production. Through the combination of instruments and monitoring personnel, the production process and quality of products are monitored in the whole production process, so as to fully ensure the needs of daily product testing.

Physics Laboratory

Equipped with a full set of testing equipment for testing rubber flexing resistance, tensile strength and aging properties.

Rubber Laboratory

Equipped with testing equipment for new products and new processes

Chemical Laboratory

Equipped with testing equipment for properties of rubber raw materials