Representative Projects Of Rubber Dam And Pneumatic Spillway GateRepresentative Projects Of Rubber Dam And Pneumatic Spillway Gate

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  • YearProject Name and Area CompletionL(m)H(m)Type
2019Rubber dam gate(Collapsible Weir)project in Zouping, Shandong202Collapsible Weir
2019Rubber dam gate(Collapsible Weir) project in Malaysia382.5Collapsible Weir
2019Rubber dam in Shuncahng, Fujian1531.28Pillow-like
2018Rubber dam project in Datong, Shanxi112.83.5Pillow-like
2018Rubber dam project in Tianshui, Gansu112.44Pillow-like
2018Rubber dam project in Qiannan, Guizhou102.2Pneumatic Spillway Gate
2018Swanton project air-filling type rubber dam in the United States674.6Inclined
2017Rubber dam project on North Ru river, Henan4804.5Pillow-like
2017Rubber dam project in Qiannan, Guizhou161.1Pneumatic Spillway Gate
2017Rubber dam project on Fenhe, Taiyuan, Shanxi544.92.5Pillow-like
2017Rubber dam project in the United States88.83.96Inclined
2016Rubber dam project for irrigation in Shanxi92.292.7Pillow-like
2016Rubber dam project in Guatemala14.352Inclined
2015Yangtian power station rubber dam project in Anfu county, Jiangxi905Pillow-like
2015Rubber dam project on Lasa river, Xizang5042.2Pillow-like
2014Power station rubber dam project in Huaan county, Zhangzhou, Fujian881.6Inclined
2014Rubber dam project in Huaiyin, Jiangsu97.22Pillow-like
2013Rubber dam project in Longde county, Ningxia802Pillow-like
2013Rubber dam project in Indonesia35.672.5Inclined
2012Rubber dam project in Baotou, Neimenggu199.23.5Pillow-like
2012Power station rubber dam project in Wuhua county, Guangdong1804.1Pillow-like
2011Rubber dam project in Suiyang county, Guizhou702Pillow-like
2011Landscape rubber dam project on Songhuajiang river, Jilin2605Pillow-like
2010Jusong rubber dam project in Xupu county, Huaihua, Hunan1953.7Pillow-like
2010Rubber dam project for drift in Xinbin, Liaoning1003Pillow-like
2009Rubber dam project on Ziya river, Tianjin454.5Inclined
2009Rubber dam project on Wulie river, Chengde, Hebei2305.5Pillow-like
2008Rubber dam project in Bali, Indonesia303.5Inclined
2008Rubber dam project in Tieling, Liaoning1973Pillow-like
2007Rubber dam project in Yuexi county, Anhui1002.5Pillow-like
2007Power station rubber dam project in Zhejiang952.2Pillow-like
2006Rubber dam project in Tianshui, Gansu116.554Pillow-like
2006Yaojiang rubber dam project in Tongan district, Xiamen, Fujian1253.5Pillow-like
2005Taoyuan rubber dam project in Linyi, Shandong7704.5Pillow-like
2005Rubber dam project in Baishan, Jilin1742.5Pillow-like
2004Dayu rubber dam project in Hubei925Inclined
2004Rubber dam project in downtown Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang2403.3Pillow-like
2003Rubber dam project in Shanghai204Pillow-like
2003Rubber dam project in Rong county, Guangxi89.045Inclined
2003Rubber dam project on Chaobai river, Shunyi district, Beijing. Upstream of this project is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games canoeing project venue.3003.9Pillow-like arc type
2002Rubber dam project on Tanglang river, Zibo, Shandong2602.5Pillow-like
2002Rubber dam project on gui river, Yanqing district, Beijing2404Pillow-like
2001Rubber dam project on baolong river, Weihai, Shandong972Pillow-like
2001Rubber dam project in Heyuan, Guangdong2003Pillow-like
2000Tourism rubber dam project in Kuerle, Xinjiang1002.19Inclined
2000Rubber dam project on Huangshui river, Xining, Qinghai345.62Pillow-like
1999Rubber dam project in Lingbi county, Anhui743.3Inclined
1998Rubber dam project on lower Yellow River, Hunan501.5Pillow-like
1997Rubber dam project in Zichuan district, Zibo, Shandong1202Pillow-like
1995Rubber dam project in Yin river, Jimo district, Qingdao, Shandong2402.5Pillow-like
1994Rubber dam project in Huangdao district, Qingdao, Shandong1162Pillow-like