Representative Projects Of Oil Spill Recovery EquipmentRepresentative Projects Of Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

Performance over the Years

1991The float rubber boom passed the municipal appraisal of Qingdao and was listed as the national key new product by the State Department's Economic and Trade Office.
1992The inflatable rubber boom passed the joint appraisal of the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Chemical Industry and was listed as the national key new product by the State Department's Economic and Trade Office.
1993Participating in the “Huahai”oil tank's rescue from fire in Qingdao anchorage ground.
1996Participating in the ''Zhonghua No. 1" oil tank's rescue from fire at Xiamen Port.
1997Participating in the ''Daqing 243" oil tank's recuse from fire at Nanjing Port.
1999Attending the Seminar on Pollution Prevention of Ydngtze River.
1999Attending the nautical pollution preventing committee changing meeting and the proseminar of the nautical pollution preventing 21 century.
2000The Company sponsored the Seminar on 21st Century Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection of China's Transportations.
2001The Company attended the drill on ''nautical pollution prevention of Jinshon” held by MSA Shanghai.
2001The Company attended the joint drill Haijiu I held by the North Sea Fleet and Msa Shandong.
2001Cooperating with aquatic biological research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences on the techniques of green algae pollution controlling.
2001Participating in the "Shemidun" oil tank rescue.
2002The Company attended the work of the searching and rescuing center at sea of Hebei Province and large-scale comprehensive manoeuvre.
2003The Company Participated the 863 scientific technique project of ''the 10th five year plan" of the state--the algae warding off and water guiding project of the Meiliangwan source of water in Taihu.
2004The Company attended the drill on oil spill emergency in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.
2005Participating in the joint searching and rescuing drill held by China and South Korea in East China Sea.
2005Attending the drill on oil spill prevention in Ningbo.
2006Participated in the oil spill emergency response operation at the Qingdao harbor.
2007Participated in the "Joint Search and Rescue Drill for Oil Spill Emergency"at the sea in Hainan.
2007Took part in the ''Bohai Delta Oil Spill Drill" organized by the Ministry of Communications. China Central Television (CCTV) had a live coverage of the event.
2008Huahai participated in the algae control operations at the sea area of Qingdao, and rated as the ''Outstanding Unit in the Preparedness for the 29th Olympic Sailing Events" title by Shandong Provincial Government.
2009We get cooperation with the China University of Petroleum (eastern china) to found the Environmental Protection Equipment Technical-centre of the sea, to establishing a partnership in the production, learning and studying.
2009Conducted the ''Oil Spill Emergency Response Drill" along with Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Company at Caofeidian, Hebei.
2010Huahai provided more than 30000 meters of various types of oil booms for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.
2010Huahai took part in the oil spill treatment work of Dalian 7.16 accident.
2012Huahai provided a complete set of materials and equipment for more than 50 qualified units for oil spill removal.
2013Huahai participated in the treatment of crude oil into the sea caused by pipeline explosion in Huangdao District, Qingdao.
2014Huahai participated in the national science and technology support program "research and development of high efficiency and environmental protection oil dispersant and quick deployment oil boom.”
2015Huahai provided equipment and materials for the equipment warehouse of Zhejiang MSA, Fujian MSA, Hebei MSA, Weihai MSA and Zhenjiang MSA.
2016Huahai provided oil spill emergency equipment and materials for Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd.
2017Huahai won the bid for the procurement project of cyanobacteria control in South Taihu Lake, Zhejiang Province, providing 5000 meters of soft boom.
2018Huahai participated in the national major marine oil spill emergency response exercise, and provided materials and equipment such as oil boom, oil skimmer, unloading pump and etc.
2019Huahai provided a complete set of oil spill emergency materials and equipment for the equipment warehouse of Shenzhen MSA.
2019Huahai participated in the joint search and rescue exercise on the Yangtze River, providing a full set of equipment for the ship oil spill disposal exercise, and provided technical support and guarantee.