Production equipmentProduction Equipment
  • 5 Production Workshops
  • 4 Production Lines for Rubber dam and Collapsible Rubber Weir
  • 4 Production Lines for Oil Spill Recovery Equipment Equipped with Mechanical Workshop
  • Annual Production of Rubber Dam is 700,000㎡
  • Annual Production of Oil Spill Control Equipment is 220,000㎡
  • HUAHAI is a domestic enterprise with large-scale production capacity of rubber dam, collapsible rubber weir, oil boom, oil skimmer and other products.

In order to expand the production scale and adjust the industrial structure, HUAHAI purchased about 10 hectares of land in Jiaonan seaside industrial park in 2001, and built a 7000 square meter standardized workshop and a 5000 square meter steel structure workshop.

HUAHAI has a series of automatic production equipment, including two large internal mixer, dozens of open mill, large calender and dozens of curing machine. Since the company moved to the seaside industrial park in 2002, HUAHAI has purchased several vulcanizing machine of various specifications. All of these make the company have a good and stable production and operation site, and provide complete facilities for scientific research, production, storage and transportation, ensuring that HUAHAI can meet customers’needs.